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Who Are We

Who We Are

WE BELIEVE that everyone who is impacted by an artificial intelligence (AI) solution recommendation deserves to be treated fairly and equally.
WE ARE ON A MISSION to advance trust between humans and machines, precisely because this is a monumental problem impacting all levels of our society.
WE ENABLE organizations that create or seek to use AI “for good” do so with confidence.  Leveraging our multidisciplinary human-led technology-enabled approach, we help: 
🔹 AI Creators prove to their customers, investors, and regulators that the AI solutions they are creating are trustworthy, further differentiating themselves from the competition, increasing their AI product revenue, and minimizing unintended consequences and regulatory risk;
🔹 AI Buyers/Users proactively identify and remedy AI trustworthiness issues with the AI solution they are purchasing and using, allowing them to rapidly increase solution adoption, increase ROI, and minimize risks associated with unplanned outcomes when making critical decisions;
🔹 Investors uncover hidden trustworthiness flaws with the AI solutions they are investing in, enabling them to lower the risk to their investment portfolio, and reduce risk of expensive litigation;
🔹 Regulators enhance their capabilities to regulate products that rely on AI recommendations, advancing approval process reliability and reducing risk of unforeseen negative impacts for the AI solution users (consumers).
1️⃣ AI solution trustworthiness verification, covering ethical and technical aspects of design, data, algorithms, models, processes, procedures, and ModelOps;
2️⃣  AI Trustworthiness strategy design/redesign;
3️⃣ Fractional Chief AI Trustworthiness Officer service.
At TrustVector, we were propelled into action by the stories of the disadvantaged, missed opportunities, and perpetuated biases.
The AI solutions are here to stay. 
The accidental flaws need not be. 
If you believe what we believe, let’s talk! (

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