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We believe that everyone who is impacted by an artificial intelligence (AI) solution recommendation deserves to be treated fairly and equally. 

We were propelled into action by the stories of the disadvantaged, missed opportunities, and perpetuated biases.
The AI solutions are here to stay. 
The accidental flaws need not be. 

AI Trustorthiness


Inability to easily determine trustworthiness of an AI solution is a monumental problem impacting all levels of our society.

We have all already witnessed a large number of instances where non-trustworthy AI solutions have led to many unintended - and sometimes deadly - consequences, such as discrimination (race, age, gender) and spread of disinformation.

As AI gets deployed at large scale, these issues, if unchecked, will only get amplified, leading to lawsuits, regulatory fines, dissatisfied customers, reputation damage, and erosion of shareholder value.

Academics, policy makers, and governments across the globe are increasingly recognizing the importance of AI Trustworthiness. It is imperative for all organizations creating, using, investing in, or regulating AI solutions to adopt and enforce AI Trustworthiness principles without delay. 

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Source: IBM’s multidisciplinary, multidimensional approach to trustworthy AI

State of AI Trustworthiness by the Numbers


of executives view ethics as a source of competitive differentiation

40 %

of general public trusts companies to be responsible and ethical in their use of new technologies such as AI


of executives strongly agree that their organizations’ practices and actions on AI ethics match (or exceed) their stated principles and values


of AI Trustworthiness champions are non-technical executives



We help organizations advance their trust in AI solutions through a human-led, technology-enabled approach.

Our unique perspective is shaped by broad industry, consulting, and academic experience. 

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Multidisciplinary Team

Our team and the Subject Matter Expert (SME) Community consist of:

  • experienced industry experts,

  • seasoned C-suite advisors,

  • academics

    • statisticians,

    • computer scientists,

    • data scientists, and

    • ethicists,

who are active and published researchers within their domains of expertise. 

Trusted Approach

Our human-led technology-enabled approach successfully combines two decades of strategy, management and technology consulting experience focused on advancing trust between humans and machines, with over 15 years of academic research across relevant AI trustworthiness domains. 

Robust Methodology

Our methodology and AI Trustworthiness framework are the result of an in-depth analysis of the most current and reliable AI trustworthiness sources across the Globe, further  enhanced and approved by our SME Community members.



We enable organizations that create or seek to use trustworthy AI do so with confidence.

Trustworthy AI Maturity Assessment

Assess your organization’s trustworthy AI maturity level, identify strengths, weaknesses, and develop remediation strategy to advance on the trustworthy AI journey.

Trustworthy AI Education

Build your organization’s “trustworthy AI muscle” and elevate your board, executive, and employee awareness of AI ethics, trustworthy AI principles, and constantly evolving AI regulations.

Ethical AI Strategy Design

Strengthen your AI strategy by incorporating AI ethics principles and best practices, and achieve significant long-term benefits, such as: enhanced customer loyalty, operational efficiency, and a robust brand reputation. 

Fractional Chief AI Ethics Officer
  • Oversee ethical AI strategy execution and ensure accountability for AI-related decisions 


  • Establish robust AI governance containing policies, guidelines and frameworks to prevent harm

  • Infuse ethical AI practices throughout the AI system lifecycle, making sure the growing AI use and development comply with organization’s ethical guidelines


Identify AI system’s flaws and vulnerabilities such as: harmful outputs, undesirable system behaviors, system limitations, and risks of system misuse, through an independently conducted structured testing effort.

AI Ethics Risk Assessment & Certification
  • Minimize risk exposure by assessing your AI systems’ risk across trustworthy AI dimensions using internationally recognized AI risk assessment frameworks

  • Proactively identify issues that lead to unintended consequences and develop issue mitigation strategy

  • Obtain AI Ethics Certification to increase your market differentiation, and accelerate compliance with applicable AI regulations


Guided by our mission and leveraging our multidisciplinary human-led technology-enabled approach for determining AI trustworthiness, we help:

AI Creators

1. Gain and Maintain Customer's Trust

Prove to your customers, investors, and regulators that the AI solutions you are creating are trustworthy

2. Increase Market Differentiation

Increase your differentiation in the market by demonstrating commitment to trustworthy AI across your solutions

3. Increase Product Revenue

​Speed up the sales cycle and increase your AI product revenue


4. Minimize Risk

Stay on top of AI regulations, and minimize unintended consequences and regulatory risk​

AI Buyers & Users

1. Identify and Remedy Issues

Proactively identify and remedy AI trustworthiness issues with the AI solution you are purchasing and using


2. Increase Solution Adoption

Rapidly increase solution adoption through a repeatable AI trustworthiness early issue detection process during the entire AI solution lifecycle

3. Attain Faster ROI

Attain desired ROI faster through early and continuous AI trustworthiness verification, combined with robust AI / ML Ops and data governance processes 

4. Minimize Risk

Minimize risks associated with unplanned outcomes when making critical decisions


1. Uncover AI Trustworthiness Flaws Early

Uncover hidden trustworthiness flaws with the AI solutions you are investing in

2. Lower Investment Portfolio Risk

Lower your investment risk by uncovering AI Trustworthiness flaws early and often during and after the funding rounds 

3. Minimize Litigation Risk

Reduce risk of expensive litigation through a continuous AI Trustworthiness monitoring process


1. Enhance Current Capabilities

Enhance your capabilities to regulate products that rely on AI recommendations

2. Advance Approval Process

Advance reliability of your approval process for AI enabled products

3. Reduce Risk to Consumers

Reduce risk of unforeseen negative impacts for the AI solution users (consumers)



Meet our leaders

Co-founder and CEO
Aleksandar Jevtic
Co-founder & CEO
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With over 20 years of leadership experience across health industries, Aleksandar has dedicated his entire career to advancing trust between humans and machines. He is a Responsible AI industry leader, IEEE certified AI Ethics Assessor, and a co-founder and CEO of TrustVector, a Chicago-based company that helps organizations create and adopt trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Under his leadership and vision, a collective of experienced ethics, legal, and technical experts are united in the missions to ensure that everyone who is impacted by an AI recommendation is treated fairly and equally, and that the risks and benefits of automated decision making are transparent and accountable.


TrustVector team enables organizations that seek to create and use trustworthy AI solutions do so with confidence by providing independent third party AI solution trustworthiness / risk assessments, assisting with development and implementation of trustworthy AI governance practices, and designing / redesigning AI strategy. Leveraging their multidisciplinary human-led technology-enabled approach, TrustVector helps AI technology creators prove to their customers, investors, and regulators that the AI solutions they are creating are truly reliable, further differentiating themselves from the competition by demonstrating commitment to AI trustworthiness across their solutions, increasing their AI product revenue, and minimizing unintended consequences and regulatory risk.

Aleksandar is a senior executive advisor with over 20 years of leadership experience in the setup, expansion, and management of professional services organizations and teams to successfully develop and take to market technology based services and solutions across US, Canada and Europe.

Co-founder and CSO
Sonja Petrović
Co-founder & CSO
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As a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), Sonja is responsible for evaluating and setting TrustVector's scientific priorities, envisioning and leading development of scientific capabilities, and building academic partnerships. Sonja is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics, College of Computing, at Illinois Institute of Technology. She discovers, studies, and models structure in relational data we encounter in our daily lives. Sonja’s academic research portfolio spans theoretical and applied problems including development of statistical models for discrete relational data, such as social networks, and use of machine learning to predict and improve the behavior of algebraic computations. Sonja is passionate about social responsibility, inclusion, community engagement, and empowering others. She leads the Socially Responsible Modeling, Computation, and Design (SoReMo) initiative, empowering students to enact the positive societal change they are passionate about within Illinois Tech, Chicago, and beyond.



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